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Veldhuisen Construction Ltd.

Standing seam metal can be compared to a work of art on complicated rooflines and we are very happy with the quality of work done by Smart Home Building Systems. Everyone was very pleasant to work with and they were able to provide us with the exceptional quality that we are always striving to achieve with our homes.

Jack Camroux

My wife and I met Joe Bader at the Calgary Home and Garden Show in February 2024. We were seeking to have our aging shingles replaced. Joe was very easy to talk to and gave a good overview of Smart Home Building Systems. We booked an appointment for next week to get a quote.

Subsequently, after reviewing our 4 quotes, we chose to trust Joe to replace our aging roof. We were not disappointed. After the weather became more suitable, Trevor and Chris arrived on time and immediately began the work. Trevor pays attention to the things that matter. If he sees something that needs doing, he does it the way it should be done. The crew was on site every morning, worksite was kept very clean, placing tarps on the ground where needed.

There were no delays, and we were very satisfied with the whole job. Excellent.

I would highly recommend Smart Home Building Systems for doing a re-roof.

Alex & Jacoba

I am the original home owner of the house in NW Calgary that we lived in for 25 years. Our original roof was a pine shake when it was built. As the house aged, the shakes were cupping, getting loose and breaking off.

We then visited the Calgary home Renovation show. After numerous consultations with many companies, we finally settled on Smart Home Building Systems.

Smart Home can provide us with one stop shopping for our needs. We were not only needing our roof replaced but also fascia, eavestrough and downspouts as well. The company offered different color choices and metal grade levels for the roof. We have chosen the Super Seamless 26 gauge “Aged Copper” slate/shake profile.

Our contact was Joe Bader. Joe and his team are exceptional.

Our roof project began in the winter months. The project commenced on Feb 19, 2024, and was fully completed on Apr 2. The work schedule was from Monday to Saturday. Since the project was dependent on the weather, the job was put to hold for 7 days due to the Calgary snowy weather.

Smart Home has stayed on our roof project until completion. They have 3 men crew for the roof and fascia works and one man to work on gutters and down spouts.

Project was well managed and scheduled. Communication was maintained throughout the entire job progress.
The workers have good work ethic. They are friendly and courteous. Platforms and scaffolds were set up safely on our house’s high roof tops. There was no waste debris or nails laid around in our yard and driveway.

Roof Waste was collected by the waste bin trailer and was empty frequently.

The company always kept us up to date on the job progress with the company’s unique cam Apps with videos and photos taken of all areas around the roof.

Overall, we are very happy that we have chosen Smart Home to work on our roof project.
If anyone is in the market for a new roof. Smart Home is worth considering on your list.
YES, I definitely recommended this company for metal roof work.

Graeme Hull

I am very happy with the new metal roof Smart Home has installed on my house. Derek remained patient as I researched various roofing materials and got quotes from other companies. He was quick to respond to my questions and gave great advice. The work crew was diligent and cleaned the property after each day. I can see the great quality of work put into this installation as I was given photos of all the roofing surfaces. They also have the expertise to install brackets for solar panels for a metal roof. As such, I’m a happy customer.


Joe and his team provide incredible service. They did an install on exterior doors for me. The work was amazing. We had some problems with the storm door (absolutely NOT their fault, the door was from Home Depot – lesson learned folks), Joe and Andrew have very very patiently fixed this door for me twice now. They truly are an exceptional company. We aren’t a big money job, we’re just a smaller house but the service we received was and continues to be exceptional. I would use this company for any service that I had that they do. They are such great contractors.

Chris Kanash

We talked with Joe a number of months before the renovation but at that time we were focused on renovating the interior so we had it in mind of what we wanted to do but left it for a few months. We contacted Joe in August which was a number of months later and he asked if we were ready to do this and the interior was looking good but the exterior was shabby so I was more than ready to get going on it.

We heard originally October but to my surprise they started in September. First was to take off the siding and stucco. Hands off to Chris who worked his butt off while battling health issues. Getting that stucco off was a real chore but he did it without making a mess of everything. He cleaned up as he went daily and we didn’t have to live through construction garbage being left around. Eavestroughs were the second last thing and they did a fantastic job channeling water smartly away from the property. We had some water damage from our previous system and Joe’s team replaced the damaged wood and put in better eavestroughs. The last part was the garage door and now the house looks brand new again. Five stars all around and if you are looking for someone who you can trust and sticks to his work then I would recommend Smart Home Building Systems any day.

Brenda & Ed Kallal

Our experience with the Smart Homes team was second to none. If professionalism, accountability and efficiency are what you are looking for, look no further. Joe and his team are very personable and passionate about the services they have to offer. They present themselves with an unremarkable work ethic, in addition to quality workmanship with exceptional attention to detail over all. We are extremely happy with the finished product (siding, insulation, eavestroughs, facia and exterior doors) and would highly recommend Smart Home Building Systems Ltd. The compliments from friends and neighbors continue to be never ending.

Jeff, Lauren, Miles & Gus

We can’t recommend Smart Home Building Systems enough! We hired Joe and his crew to renovate our 1950 stucco home and transform the exterior into a fresh and modern home.

Joe was patient and understanding while helping us with the design stage, even as we changed our minds a couple of times and went in an entirely different direction. Andrew is so knowledgable and professional, we felt like we could trust him completely with his recommendations and work. Kaz was absolutely incredible. His attention to detail and work ethic was superior to any one we have ever hired to do any sort of work for us, ever. Our home is perfect and it is all thanks to them.

Smart Home removed the stucco from our home, filled in the empty pockets of insulation behind the shiplap, added 2″ insulation, and new siding. We hired a different company to do our windows (before we came across Smart Home), and wish we hired Smart Home to handle our new windows as well. Kaz went above and beyond with the window crew, who were going to install the windows incorrectly, and took time away from his own work to show them how to install the windows properly.

Kaz is so friendly and personable, he felt like someone we knew much longer than the couple of months he was working on our home. As happy as we were for our house to be done, we were sad to see Kaz go.
Smart Home also handled the parging, and that crew was very friendly and professional as well. Every single employee who works for Smart Home and worked on our house was fantastic.

Thank you SO much, Joe, Andrew, Kaz, Jared, and crew, we are thrilled with our “new” home. 🙂

Lisa Mako and Lee Bollinger

We found Smart Home on RenovationFind to complete our entire roofing project (standing seam metal roof, eaves trough, fascia and soffit replacement). Joe did an awesome job at explaining the different types of metal roofing , which type and style would work best for our house and had tons of previous project photos to reference. He was great at having patience with us as we decided on project factors of cost, color, style, height of product, etc. The roofing crew came out and worked in sections of our roof to ensure nothing was exposed to the elements in case it rained and were diligent with clean up after each day of work. We are so happy with the end result of our project and our experience with Smart Home as they did an amazing job.

PS. we also saved over 12% on our home insurance when we switched the roof to metal.

Scott & Stacey Hennig

Our reno was nearly a full exterior replacement: windows, doors, siding, facia, soffit, eavestroughs and parging. We had intended to sub it all out ourselves and we were very close to pulling the trigger when we met Joe at the Edmonton home show.

He gave us honest advice that we could do better, especially on the quality of windows we were about to lock in. So we asked if he would give us a quote for the whole thing.

We had already hired a designer, so we had a pretty good idea of what we wanted, but Joe spent a lot of time with us, showing us other options and ultimately dialing in the exact design. Specifically, he showed us some options that we had never considered with a mix of vinly siding and Hardie.

Joe also got window quotes that were the same price or better than we had received, but for higher quality windows.

Often a good salesman doesn’t always translate to a good team. That was not the case with Smart Home. Their entire team and sub contractors were excellent. Once the project started and we were able to directly contact the sub contractors and they were all very responsive.

With any multi-faceted job, there will be issues, and they were all handled quickly. For example, we noticed right away that the style of vinyl siding was wrong, it was fixed the next day. We had some electrical issues, the electrician came back multiple times, until it was solved.

We had water issues with our garage that became more apparent when the old siding was removed, Andrew, the primary job manager came to us with helpful suggestions and ultimately implemented the agreed upon solution.

Andrew also made innovative suggestions on how to reconfigure our eavestroughs to avoid icy spots in the winter.

Smart Home only works with excellent contractors and we couldn’t have been happier with the entire process from start to finish.

Fair, honest dealing with a company that truly made us feel like they had a stake in the final product.

I can’t recommend them enough.

Dave Pedersen

Had our 2 houses south of Okotoks re-roofed with metal roofs by Smart Home, after making contact at the Calgary home renovation show. Glad we went to the show and signed a deal with Joe. Our roofing crew, headed by Trevor were skilled and hard working. The result is outstanding. Very impressed with the results. We will be recommending Smart Home to our family & friends, especially if anyone has a difficult or unusual project.

Marilyn & Derrick Douglas

We contracted Smart Homes Building Systems to renovate the exterior envelope of our home. The work included new shingles, Hardie board siding, insulation, new windows, doors, soffits, fascia and downspouts. From our initial visits with Joe Bader to discuss and select finishes and colours, to the actual installation of the products, the team was a pleasure to work with. Andrew and his team provided a very high quality of work, were professional and had great attention to detail. We are extremely happy with our finished project and would highly recommend Smart Homes. As an added bonus to our updated home, we have noticed a significant difference in the indoor temperature of our home.

Colleen Poole

I would highly recommend Smart Home for any exterior renovation.
They bring years of experience to the worksite and can be fully trusted with your home renovation.
Joe Bader and his team offer efficient, knowledgeable, quality and professional workmanship.
I was pleased from start to finish with my project and the quality of work was excellent.
I absolutely love the end results and have received nothing but rave reviews by neighbours, friends and family. Thank you Smart Homes.

Rita Kirsch

This “team” installed our new roof. Professional, on time & quality work just to name a few things. They guided us in colour choices, answered all of our questions for potential future upgrades, which we absolutely will do. I was amazed of the care they took to our surrounding lawn with thick tarps. Clean up looked like they had never been here. Will definitely use them again and recommend to neighbours & friends.

Clarence Senetchko

We contacted Joe Bader at Smart Home to enquire about residing our house in the spring of 2021. Joe responded within a week with a quote at a reasonable price and work started shortly after. Smart Home workers and contractors were friendly, efficient and professional. They provided high quality work and did not overlook any repair work needed to the house prior to siding. They did it right. The work was completed in about a month and the result is beautiful. Very impressed with Smart Home from start to finish.

Kate Ross

The Smart Home team were professional and considerate with high quality work and trustworthy service. I would eagerly suggest this wonderful company for your roofing or home improvement needs.

Dave and Jean

Thanks very much to Joe and his crew for an excellent job reroofing our home.
Joe was very helpful in helping us decide on our choice of roofing material and color.
The installation group were very friendly and professional. Trevor (the foreman) was very maticulous and assured the job was done to perfection.
Upon completion of the installation the clean up was great, leaving no trace they were ever here.
We would definitely recommend “Smart Home Building Systems Ltd.” to anyone looking for a new roof professionally done.

Victoria Smith

Joe and his team did an amazing job on a quick turnaround so we could list our rental property. Would absolutely work with these guys again.

Victor and Shawna Wearden

In Sept/Oct 2020 we had a major external renovation completed on our bungalow that was built in 1974. We had what Smart Home called an Exterior Envelop Upgrade that included Hardie Siding, a 24 Gauge Metal Roof, Soffit, Facia, Eavestroughing and a Very Large new Front Window. They did the job right by taking off all the old roofing material, old stucco and metal siding and installing 1/2 inch plywood and proper weather barrier as the base for the metal roof and insulation and home wrap under the siding.

We did shop around extensively as I (Victor) am very picky and wanted the job done right with no shortcuts as we plan on staying in our current home for a very long time.

Their pricing was very comparable to other companies but they offered a complete renovation package and would have done all the doors and windows to if we hadn’t replaced them a couple of years ago.

Joe was exceptional in showing us the different products and options complete with many before and after pictures of other projects they had completed. He answered all of our questions and took a serious approach to all of our concerns about renovating a 46 year old house.

He provided references that actually picked up the phone when I called and clearly loved the job Smart Home had done for them.

Andrew and his crew did an exceptional job on the siding, soffit, fascia, eavestroughing and front window.

Trevor and his crew also did an exceptional job on the roof.

They both kept us updated every step of the way and genuinely seemed more concerned about getting the job done right versus getting the job done quickly.

We would highly recommend Smart Home for any renovation project on your home.

We would give them 5 Stars out 5 Stars if there was a rating system.

Brenda Kuzio

About 5 years ago we contracted with Smart Homes (through Joe) to install a forever metal roof on our country home. The result was stunning! We are absolutely delighted with the roof and just as importantly the continued service and care that this company provides. Since the roof installation, they have installed a few more snow rails and eaves troughs.

You will not go wrong with this company. We have always been treated with respect, integrity and honesty.

I highly recommend this company. They won’t disappoint and their pricing is very fair!

Michael and Florence

We have our house built 33 years ago with cedar roof and hence we have no knowledge about the materials used for the nowaday roofing.

We chose the Smart Home in the first place and had not even asked other Roofing companies to get the estimates.

Here are the 3 reasons:

  1. Impressed by the works done to our neighbors’ 2 houses – had the same 2 / 3 crew members worked on the roof all the time, Cleaned up after the daily work. My neighbors are satisfied with the work done.
  2. Joe Bader, president of the Smart Home, in his office spent 2 hours using a slide show to demonstrate how the Smart Home Roofing was to be done, provide various types of materials used, show the required additional parts for a complete roof, explain patiently in details to our questions. We must say that Joe is really knowledgeable of his business and in our impression, he is reliable too.
  3. A timely follow up to a few additional works which were not included in the contract. We did not have to pay.

We would not hesitate to recommend Smart Home to anyone to have their roof done.

Randy Wawrykow

The workmanship of the siding and rock installers for Smart Homes was just great. The transformation to our house was amazing. We couldn’t be happier with the Smart Homes crew, they were efficient, and precise. Thanks to Joe and his crew for a job very well done.

Michele Morrison

OMG! This company is awesome! What a joy to work with people that are honest, show strong integrity, and the attention to detail is amazing! The worker is perfect, his work ethic is wonderful, he worked so hard everyday and cleaned up every night. The Project Manager came by daily to see if the crew needed anything and I thought what a great company to do that, well organized! The representative with the quote had explained absolutely everything, answered all my questions and I had a lot of them. This company is going no where but up and up. If you are looking for honest great work and people that actually really care about doing a great job, this is it, thank you so much. the quote was higher than others that I received but I am so glad that I went with Smart Home and highly recommend them to everyone.

Thanks again guys! Take good care and all the best always!

Neil & Julie

We are very happy with the our new roof, it looks great! The crew were respectful and took care to cleaned up the work site. Joe explained our options carefully and gave a competitive price quote. Our friends recommended Smart Home to us and we will also.

Katherine Kennedy

It was important to me to have company that would do my roof, soffits, fascia and eavestroughs all at the same time. My son and I went to Joe’s showroom to see exactly what was to be done. It wasn’t just shingles but layers of protection and also the choice of colours was excellent. The workers cleaned up every night and were very neat and tidy. We are extremely happy with the job and highly recommend Smart Home for any job.

Richard & Eva Cooper

Mike and the Smart Home crew were wonderful to work with. They took all the stress out of a major renovation. They also ensured to be respectful of our neighbours with regards to noise and traffic. The end result was amazing! We have had so many awesome comments from people passing by and our neighbours. They love it and so do we! It doesn’t even look like the same old house. The new windows, doors, eavestroughs, soffit, and siding have made such a difference. Thank you so very much. It was a pleasure to work with you!

Tim Fitzgerald

Joe and his crew did an amazing job. Delivered on everything we discussed. Crew was excellent and looked after every detail from start of the job to final clean-up. If you want it done right, give them a call.

Greg Derksen

Before I went with Joe for my new roof, I got 4 other quotes. His products were better and the price was right in there and actually lower than two other quotes. Crew kept the site clean, and NO loud music. Also fixed an issue I had with an eavestrough, no charge. I would have no problem calling him about any issue, I know he would totally look after me.

Dennis Wheatley

Our new asphalt roof was installed promptly with quality materials and excellent workmanship. Care was taken to ensure quality drip edge, Ice and Water shield and synthetic underway was installed prior to the use of Owens Corning shingles. Smart homes also uses stronger, color coded W valleys and the new Ridge Venting to maximize heat dissipation from attic spaces.

The three installer were polite, hardworking and finished with a thorough cleanup of all roofing materials around the home. Definitely recommended.

Stuart Ballah

Hi Joe, I remember you asking me if I would write a few words about my experience with you and your company. I was reluctant to at the time because I wanted to make it through a winter with no leaks before i sang your praises. My neighbours had their roof done a few summers ago only to find it leaking for much of the winter. It was a roof with a dormer too. (It was an asphalt roof, not one of yours).

The winter has come and gone and no leaks. I love the new roof. I waited 25 years to do it and it was worth the wait. The house is quieter, warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Since the house is a story and a half, my head rests a couple of feet from the ceiling when I’m in bed. I was worried about how noisy it would be when it rained because I used to hear every drop with the old asphalt roof. It’s been over a year and I’ve yet to be woken by the sound of rain like I used to be. Your work crew was courteous, tidy and fast. After they were gone I didn’t have to do my spring yard clean up. They did it for me.

Love the skylight. Should have got one in the stairwell too. Oh well.

John & Bernice Hall

Smart Home Building Systems, along with Joe, did an amazing job on enclosing our gazebo. Our gazebo is in a wind tunnel behind our home and we couldn’t really get any use out of it. Now that it’s been sided, it looks amazing. We are thrilled with the amazing job that the crew did on our siding! What a great, professional job! Thank you so much!

We are going to highly recommend them!

Ms. V Silliphant

I hired Smart Home to rebuild the roof of an addition (previous homeowner build) and install a metal roof on the total house and garage. I was very pleased with the speed of the work and the professionalism, work ethic and courtesy of all the workers. Every possible step was taken to minimize the dust and debris. All workers and subs were introduced to me prior to them commencing work, so that I was familiar with the people entering my home. Joe and Trevor made sure they explained fully each step and each option as work progressed. I would not hesitate to use this company again in the future, nor would I hesitate to refer them to my friends and family.

Andrew Tymafichuk

We hired Joe and his crew to replace our asphalt roof in August of 2019. From start to finish, the job was done very professionally. Jobsite was cleaned daily and the staff was very friendly and would answer any questions that I had. The roof is absolutely beautiful. Can’t say enough good things about Joe and his team. Before hiring him I read the other reviews and thought they were fake, but they are not. I went to one of his previous jobs and talked to the homeowner. He confirmed the quality of work and materials that Smart Home uses. Very impressed!!! Thanks again Joe!

Tony and Isabel

We only have positive comments to say about Smart Home. We really appreciated Joe’s thorough explanation of the roofing process and materials. We were particularly impressed by the professionalism and focus on quality shown by the roofing Crew.

We would not hesitate to recommend Smart Home to any of our family, friends, and neighbours. Everyone who comes over comments on how amazing the roof looks! Joe and his Crew are genuinely great people and the workmanship was top notch!

Bill and Kate Gouchie

We met Mike Warne at the home reno show last spring and he personally came out to meet with us, discuss our concerns and offer us solutions to our problem. Our older home was looking tired but more importantly was suffering heat loss and was very inefficient. We also met with Joe who was very easy to deal with and between Mike and Joe we felt competely at ease and soon our renovation was underway. They completely redid our exterior, re-insulated, removed old stucco, reframed the windows and even repaired previously renoed errors. Their workman was efficient, hard working, professional and pleasant and completed the work within our timeline and did a good job of cleaning up. With this winter upon us we have definitley noticed a difference in a more consistent temperature in the house and the furnace does not seem to run as often. The exterior looks amazing and we have had many comments made about it. Thanks Smart Home and Joe and Mike!

Susan Fuhrman

I really appreciated Joe’s thorough explanation of the roofing process and materials. His patience and prompt response to my many questions made me feel like I was an important customer to him… he even drove to my farm in Saskatchewan three times. His onsite crew were fantastic and left my yard clean and tidy. His suggestions were excellent and I get many compliments on my new roof, which I love.

Ed and Joanne James

I’d like to thank you for the time you spent explaining the options in roofing materials leading to our selection of the Super Seamless 26 gauge steel roof and 5”eavestrough.

The finished installation looks great. We’ve already had neighbors commenting on the “good looking roof”. Hopefully you get more business in the area as a result.

Also thank you for your extra help in finding the door astragal, it certainly wasn’t expected but very much appreciated.

I’d also like to thank your Steel roof installation team and Eavestrough installation team

I certainly asked a lot of questions and watched how the installation was done. Each of them was kind enough to take the time to answer my enquiries.

The roofing crew runs an extremely tight ship and has high standards for workmanship. As a customer I really appreciate that.

I’m looking forward to future projects, hopefully with your team’s involvement.

Please pass along my commendations and thanks to your installers they were very professional and did a great job.

B. Morter

I only have positive comments to say about Smart Home. Joe was timely and professional in our first meetings and flexible in his approach. The roofers were polite, efficient and clearly knew there job. The site was left in immaculate condition and the job completed in a timely way.


Smart Home did a great job replacing the siding and stonework on our older home from start to finish. First, they met with us in our home to discuss our ideas. Then, at a follow up meeting in their show room, they presented several visualizers showing different colors, stonework and trim and explained the options. They showed us examples in the showroom and allowed us to take some samples of colors home with us. During the construction phase, the work crew uncovered some problems. They discussed them with us, and fixed them. Throughout the process, they respected our landscaping and very little damage occurred. We are so happy with the quality and detail of the work that was done and are enjoying the transformation every day.

Smart Home Building Systems transformed our 45 year old home into an amazing masterpiece that we’re proud to say is a Smart Home.


Joe and his whole crew were really good, I appreciated how clear and concise he was with estimates. Job was done in a timely manner and clean up was exceptional. I would recommend Smart homes with Joe to anyone. Great job Crew!!!

Ken, Linda & Lindsey

Joe and his crew are first class. Joe operates with integrity. His crew are hard working, good guys who take pride in the work they do.

Our new Smart Home metal roof is one of our best investments and made our home very special in appearance. Our only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner. Thank you Smart Home!

Neel & Boba

We are from Whitecourt, last year we contacted Smart Home to fixt our roofing and gutters problems. Joe was very professional , he brought his team , they did an amazin job. All of them are very professional so we never had any doubt that they knew what they were doing. They did prefect job. We are still very happy and we highly recommend Joe and his team for any renovation of your home.

Sherry & Karen

Thank you! Everything looks awesome. We love the new windows and door.

Blair and Shellie B.

The process was very smooth, from the meeting with Joe to the crew coming to the house to replace the roof. The workmanship was top notch – roof looks great! Highly recommend Joe and his crew!

Sylevine M.

Joe and his crew are amazing. He made my family feel secure in our decision to use them. Joe was honest and answered all of our questions. His crew was polite and friendly. They cleaned up at the end of every day. Workmanship is fantastic. We love our new roof!!

Janet T.

Smart Home Building Systems installed a metal roof on my home and I am extremely pleased with it as well as the extraordinary customer service by Joe and his crew.

I was very reluctant to have renos completed because I had some bad experiences in the past, but rest assured Joe will not pressure you and ensure you feel comfortable. Joe put my mind at ease that they would do the work correctly the first time and that it was very important that I be happy with all aspects. Also, Joe is very respectful, and is not condescending when explaining the process. He is all about quality from the display booth at the home show where you may first meet him to the last stage of the construction project. I felt the price was fair, the customer service outstanding and of course the work done in a friendly and professional manner.

The crew that completed the metal roof worked in an efficient but careful manner, they tidied up as they worked and when completed they ensured everything was clean before they left. Additionally the crew answered all questions I had.

Out of all of the companies I have hired to work on my post-war home, I can say Smart Homes is far and beyond the best company that I have dealt with. I am looking forward to next year when I hope to have Smart Home replace my siding.

Jamie M.

Outstanding products and service. From sales to install, all team members showed excellent professionalism, experience and attention to detail. Would recommend 100%.

Martha Corbin & Dean MacArthur

Smart Home Building Systems did an amazing job on our siding and gutters. From offering high quality siding options (and cost effective ones for under our deck), right down to the installation. The crews were great and kept a tidy site and everything was completed before winter hit.

Tom & Karen

Excellent! Great people to deal with and the workmanship was excellent. The craftsman treated our home as if he was doing his own home. Great attention to detail! And as a bonus every person we dealt with were pleasant & personable.

Philomena & Peter lloyd

To whom it may concern.

My husband and I found we had a leak in our roof recently and as it was coming into winter we were concerned. We were delighted to have Smart Home offer to see to us having a new roof promptly installed. We had the roofers complete our roofing, they worked diligently – working daily and over the weekend . We were struck by the honesty and professionalism of this company it was much more than we hoped for. This company has been successful through referrals. It is our pleasure to recommend this company to you without hesitation, we have the greatest respect for the company and the reliable people they employ. Thank you one and all.

Alan Vladicka

We had a new steel roof installed by Smart Home this summer, and a new exterior door and storm door this fall. We were particularly impressed by the professionalism and focus on quality shown by the roofing crew. The were clearly interested in doing the best job possible, not just an adequate job. We also appreciated the coordination between Smart Home and Kuby Energy in the installation of solar panels on our new roof. We would have no hesitation in recommending Joe and his team to others looking for quality in exterior home renovations.

Larry and Linda Blasko

We think Smart Home Building Systems is “top-notch”. We obtained their name when they were re-siding a house down the street and we liked what was being done. We had our roof redone. We had thirty-plus years cedar shakes that were showing their age with noticeable deterioration. We decided to go with Owens Corning Duration asphalt roofing and now our roof looks great! We were very impressed with Joe Bader and his professionalism exhibited. He had all the paperwork required for a contractor to have so we felt assured. He looked, measured, took pictures, and gave us an estimate on the spot, with no pressure.

The Smart Home crew were exemplary. They worked hard, worked long hours, answered all our questions and with always a smile on their faces.

We would certainly rehire and promote this company.

Margaret & Rainer Kreuger

We found the company from a job sign in our neighbourhood.

My recommendation is we took the 70’s out of my house and turned it into the 21st-century because this is the best looking house on the street.

The people that were employed to do the work were first class.

We would recommend the company are very pleased.

Matthew & Claire Meier

Joe’s crew was fantastic. This can’t be overstated. They were friendly, courteous and seemed to enjoy working together. It was quite hot while they were here but they diligently worked hard all day, unlike some other crews we saw elsewhere in the neighbourhood. They went about their work in the manner that Joe promised. They covered our plants and garage door to prevent damage. At the end of every night the yard was left tidy. There were no nails or other garbage left laying around. The quality of the little details made the finished result look even better than I dared hope at first.

When people ask about our roof, one of the first questions I’m asked is how expensive it was. There is no way around it: a quality metal roof is costly. But then I point out that it’s all good and well to go with the cheapest option, but what value are you really getting for your money then? Everything about this installation was a step above anything I’ve seen from the roofing installations I’ve seen or had done in the past. And now we have a roof that I am fully confident will last and not be easily damaged by all the weather it’s supposed to protect our house from. And it looks fantastic.

Barb & Wayne McNeill

We have completed a fair number of renovations to our home and without a doubt the service and workmanship provided by Joe, Mike and their crews was outstanding.

Firstly, Joe and Mike met with us at our home and discussed the scope of the project we were contemplating doing which was to remove “old” brick on our home and replace it with stone and stucco.

At our second meeting with Joe he presented three computer mock-ups of stonework and stucco, once we chose the mock-up we wanted final details were confirmed. The time prior to the commencement of the project they spent with us was very reassuring and confirmed that the scope of the project was not unrealistic.

Once the project began, and to the final walk-through, all aspects of the job were completed with the finest attention to detail (including daily clean-up!); they also involved us as the homeowners throughout the entire process.

We have received many compliments from family, friends, and neighbours on the workmanship and the outstanding results of the renovations. Thanks again for a job well done!

Lee Irwin

I had my windows, doors and roof done and it was a very positive experience. I would hire Joe again as my first choice.

Maik Schmidtchen

We checked out a view roofing companies at a home show. Joe was the one who explained everything to our satisfaction and his knowledge of the process was amazing. We also got a new window and door. The crew went out of there way to get those in to fit our renovation timeline. The roof was done in time and looks fantastic. The crew did a really good job and left everything clean. No complaints at all. Thank you. Would recommend the company anytime.

Michael Weiss

I researched a new roof with 8 different roofing companies. I have a steep pitched A-frame that required special consideration. Joe was the only one who insisted on “the extra step” of venting for additional airflow. It wound up costing a bit more to do, but in the long run, I’m certain it was by far the most economical because it was done right. (aka the “Smart way”). Thanks Joe and crew.

L & B Melech

I have to say, from start to finish one of the best home upgrading experiences we have ever had. The job was completed within the estimated timeline. The crew worked from early morning through to early evening. The site was cleaned up and secured after each work day. Joe checked in with us on a regular basis through out the install, even updating the progress by sending us roof top photos. The finished product looks amazing. Thank you Joe and Crew!

Pat & Brian Barclay

We have recently completed a home renovation through Smart Home Building Systems. Our project included new siding , doors and stonework. After the first meeting with Joe & Mike we felt very comfortable and confident in hiring them for our renovation. They provided detailed information , ideas and numerous pictures . We were kept informed throughout the whole project and Joe or Mike always made themselves available if we had a question. The tradesmen we had for our project were extremely skilled in their trades, took pride in their work and did an exceptional job. We have had many friends and neighbours stop by and comment on the quality of workmanship done on our home. We would definitely use Smart Homes again and would recommend their company to anyone thinking of doing an outdoor renovation. Thanks again Joe, Mike and crew for a fantastic job!

Ross & Lynda Powel

We had visited another company prior to Smart Home ; the owner there tossed the book at us to suggest that we do all the phoning the referrals. He didn’t lift a finger to convince us to hire him. Joe , on the other hand ,came to our home well equipped to show us a beautiful portfolio of products,and virtual ideas to help us in making the right choices, also introducing us to project manager Mike. Both ‘s professional views on all things “Reno”, and suggestions on practical changes that would benefit us , left us with great satisfaction that we had made the right choice in hiring Smart Home.

Mike noticed our front steps were not square with the house, he and his crew jacked it up to make things right, going that extra mile to satisfy. The crews all demonstrated a great deal of attention to detail and workmanship , and kept our yard tidy during the process. This all going on through February, March, and April, weather permitting. We never felt like we were in the way when the crews were working, they always took reasonable time to have a chat about process and progress.

This Smart Home crew of professionals are highly dedicated to their work, and we highly recommend this excellent company to anyone!

Chelsey Rogers

We recently got in touch with Joe to complete an addition on our home. We needed the new addition to have the matching metal shingle roof product we had done on the existing part of our home a few years prior. Joe was able to secure the exact same product we had done previously.

The new addition roof ties seamlessly into the existing (after careful additional work required by Smart Home crew to make this happen). Our new addition/reno looks like it was part of the original home which was exactly what we were after.

After a not so great experience on our original roof with a different company, Joe and his installers were a pleasure to deal with and did far superior work. We would highly recommend them!

Douglas & Gail Barraclough

This note is for anyone who is considering replacing their existing roof… before you sign a contract do yourself a favour and take the time to contact Joe Bader at Smart Home Building Systems.

A friend of mine recommended that I talk to Joe as he said he just completed a roof for him and was very satisfied.

I contacted Joe and he gave me all the information I was looking for. We previously had cedar shakes that lasted 30 years without any problems.

He then gave us information regarding pros and cons of various products.

The product that my wife and I chose was the Bellaforte’ (by DaVinci) polymer natural slate tile.

Shortly after it was time for installation. Joe sent out his first class installers to get the job rolling.

The crew went about installing the roof in a very efficient and pleasant manner. The worksite was cleaned up at the end of the day and there was no loud music being played.

The next step was to replace the eaves troughing. Joe took care of everything and things went very smoothly.

Just to wrap up I would like to mention that the tile that Joe found for us has not only added resale value it has given the old house a new attractive appearance.

Here are the plus factors of our new roof…

– It is very quiet during the rain and wind
– Class A fire rating
– 50 year transferrable warranty
– Ability to walk anywhere on the roof without dinting or damaging the tile

Barry & Christine Miller

A 5/5 star job from Smart Home! The pitch on our roof is really steep and I thought crazy to attack this in the middle of winter. I was wrong. Joe and his crew did a terrific job with a minimum of fuss removing the old cedar shakes (6,000 sq.ft. home) and replacing with the EDCO Infiniti metal shakes in the Obsidian colour.
Certainly we would have no hesitation recommending Smart Home Building Systems to our friends and neighbors.

Scot, Christensen

Great company to deal with. Fast and great service. Definitely goes the extra mile to make things right. Thank You Joe and crew. Will definitely recommend to others.

Tim, McCargar

My wife and I had been discussing residing our home and improving our insulation for some time, but struggled to find a firm that we felt comfortable with until we found Smart Home. Joe and Mike won us over. They were patient with us as we struggled with colour and material choices and their visualizer tool was a great help to us. After we finalized design details, their staff arrived as was agreed upon and completed our renovation on time. Staff demonstrated a great attention to detail as work progressed and kept our yard clean and safe. When work was done the house looked great, and they even helped us apply for Provincial rebates. The rebate cheque arrived today and I must admit that I have seldom been so pleased with contractors as I have been with a Smart Home.

Joe, Bradshaw

I had the entire outside of my home redone (and some main floor windows). The original aluminum siding was from 1953, so it was long overdue for an update. New siding, stone, insulation, soffits, eaves, fascia and exterior pot lights have made my home shine like a new penny – pride of Ownership is 10/10. I saw Smart Home Building Systems at the 2017 Home and Garden show and set up an in home consultation with Joe and Mike – they took their time, showed me all their products and went over the costs…helping me to make an informed, intelligent decision that fit into my budget. The crews were polite, fast, efficient and kept my yard clean.

The end result shows fantastic, and I have been pumped by the amount of compliments that I have received from neighbors, friends and Family – it just reinforces the fact I made a great choice in both product and Company !! I would highly recommend Smart Home Building Systems to anyone looking for quality work, prices and attitudes !! All the best to Joe, Mike and the rest of the crew in 2018 !!

Terry & Linda Turmaine

We had our siding and eaves trough redone by Smart Home Building Systems this past construction season. Joe, Mike, and their crews take great pride in their work. From the initial consult with Joe, through the demo and installation, all aspects of the job were completed with true attention to detail. The site remained neat and tidy.They were available and engaged whenever we had questions and involved us throughout the entire process. We would recommend their company to anyone without reservations.

Rand & Juliet Ritchie

We are very, very happy to recommend Joe to anyone who is looking for an excellent price and absolutely outstanding customer service. Joe was recommended to us by a friend who told us we would be crazy if we didn’t choose this company to do our roof replacement and we are so pleased with the results. Best of all, we are selling our house so we wanted a good quality product for the new owners that was within our budget and we were not “over sold’.

Joe and his crew have tremendous attention to detail, they listen to and address each and every concern you might have, no matter how small. The crew is very experienced, and doesn’t leave the site until you are satisfied and Joe continually checks on the job’s progress and makes sure you are happy!

Fantastic company…great price!

Andrew & Rayanne

5-Star Service and Workmanship!

You can tell that Joe, Mike, and their crews genuinely love what they do and take so much pride in their work. From the first consult with Joe, to the computer mock-ups of the house, to the demo/installation, and to the final walk-through, all aspects of the job were completed with the finest attention to detail (including daily clean-up!); they also involved us as the homeowners throughout the entire process.
We got new siding, roofing, sun tunnel, and soffits/fascia/eaves so it was quite a big project; it took just over 2 months, which is a little longer than we expected (the summer storms made us nervous, but Joe/Mike made sure to triple check all underlays, etc to ensure there were no water issues). At the end of the day, the quality of work far outweighed the length of time it took, and hey, perfection doesn’t happen overnight!

Our favourite details as facilitated by Joe and his team include the gable accents (the crew custom cut existing metal shake panels to fit the space to scale), the sun tunnel (now there’s daylight in the windowless ensuite!), the individually screwed-down Edco metal roof panels, and the painstaking and gorgeous Hardie board corners/trim! We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Smart Home to any of our family and friends; they are genuinely great people and their work speaks for itself! Thanks Guys!

Edgar, Scherer

I had contacted 6 different companies this year about getting a price for my roof. Most of the representatives were not very friendly, some were quite rude, while some were not very trusting. I had saw a job up the street that Smart Home Building Systems had recently completed and they were very pleased with the company. I contacted Smart Home and Joe Bader came to see me. He came on time and we discussed the business involved to replace my roof.

I knew he was the one for the task at hand. We came to a fair agreement and he agreed to be done within two weeks and that’s exactly what they did. The boys kept themselves busy and knew exactly what they were doing. They were nice to talk with and we all ate a lot of my raspberries. The job site was kept very clean and I had no problems. I would highly recommend Smart Home for integrity, great quality and service.

Keith & Suzanne Swekla

Joe and his team were terrific. As former business owners, my husband and I recognized Joe’s passion for ensuring a well made product was used to do our roof and that, that well made product was installed at the highest standards. Our roof was installed efficiently, quickly and safely! Roofing is a messy business and I was very impressed with the amount of effort our installation team took to ensure the mess created, especially the roofing nails were cleaned up….I watched them sweep our entire cul de sac and then sweep again with the magnet bar.

All our our outdoor furniture was put back nicely and after the bin was removed from our driveway a couple of days later, a staff member came back to our home and re cleaned our drive way to ensure what debris was left behind was removed! So happy from start to finish with the roof replacement! Thanks Joe and thanks Joe’s team…..who by the way, got my puppy back into the yard as he tried to make a break for it! Thanks again

Henry & Debbie Thier

An excellent job, thank you.

Allan & Patricia Paran

Our house needed a facelift and it was transformed! Love the new front door and Davinci Joe.

Tracey & Ron Shott

Ron & I happily recommend Smart Home. Joe, Mike and their team of installers are the best in the business. We are finicky customers and Joe & Mike put up with a thousand questions and remained patient. The workmanship of Andrew & team on our windows and Reino on our siding, could not have been better. We were very much impressed by the results. Smart Home is not a half measure company, they provide quality products and work hard to make their customers happy!

Greg & Lori Rentz

Roof needed replacing, got very competitive price from Smart Home, signed up, roof done in timely manner,,,what else is there to say. Great job all the way through!!!

Mel & Liz Kutcher

We met Joe Bader and Mike Warne at the Edmonton Home and Garden Show and made an appointment for an inspection. We were given an estimate and work started within two weeks. Our level of satisfaction was very high by the quality of the work that was completed. We are absolutely thrilled with the results of our renovations and would highly recommend Smart Home.

Wendy, Lastiwka

Thank you to Joe, Mike, and their crews. I had the roofing, Windows and siding replaced on my home. The expertise of the crews to the quality of the work made this reno exactly what I had hoped for. I recommend Smart Home Building.

Candice & Peter Seeger

We had to replace the “25 year” asphalt shingles on our home after only 11 years. We wanted a product that would look great and last. Working with Smart Home was a pleasure from start to finish. Joe is extremely knowledgeable about his product and was able to answer all of our questions and help us choose the right product for us. The installation crew was efficient and professional.

Our roof looks great and really makes our house stand out. We would recommend Smart Home to anyone looking to make a long-lasting and great looking improvement to the exterior of their home.

Ron & Janet Deleeuw

After searching for a few years on the different roofing products available we decided to purchase the Arrowline Slate, and have no regrets. Joe Bader, the salesman was very friendly and easy to talk to. He was informative and took the time explaining the product to us. The installation crew were very polite and they did a fantastic job.

They were hard, diligent workers in all kinds of weather conditions. Heat, rain and extreme wind. When the job was completed they cleaned everything up and one would never have known they were here. Very impressed. The roof looks awesome! Many compliments on it. Thanks Joe, for looking after us well, making sure we are happy with our purchase. Appreciate your services.

Ron & Donna Yanew

I just want to thank you for the wonderful experience you provided us when we decided to shingle our roof. From the time you came to our home and educated us on all of the possible services your company provides to the actual installation, I felt assured of your professionalism and fully enjoyed working with you. Your crew were polite and efficient.

When we spoke to them regarding the changes we wanted their response was “we will make it right” and that is precisely what they did. It isn’t often when the service one receives is 100% and so I felt I needed to write you to express our gratitude. I am certain your business will thrive! I for one, will be advertising your company whenever I can. Thanks!

Sheilagh, BĂ©langer

When l purchased a home on an Acreage, l knew l required a new roof. Went to the Home & Garden show and took a few suppliers information on their quotes and products. I saw Smart Home and took a look at the products and spoke with Joe and the Advertisement he had about giving a discount on the cost, if the Home was of Uniqueness and Distiction. I assured him it was and that the location was on a Golf Course.
We arranged to meet and Joe came bringing his samples and options for color. We spoke of Financing, Products, Warranty and his Crews, along with Installation and Time Frames.

Negotiations ensued and work was to commence in the beginning of May. Unfortunately, no ones fault, a storm came in and postponed the job for a week. Following week, supplies arrived and were laid out exactly as l specified.

Work began that week, Joe went on Vacation and the Progress started.
After a fews days, less work and less of a crew. I messaged Joe and the Project Lead. Received a prompt reply back from Joe asking questions. He then asked if l could provide pictures of status of roof and send to him. Assured me he would get back to me shortly. Needless to say, Joe phoned back, said a new crew will be there in 2 days. Sure enough, had a new crew, they worked longer hours, cleaned up every day of debris and nails. All were respectful and gave me their contact information.

Had a monsoon during this and two of the crew came and spent an hour on the roof in the midst of this to seal up what was needed and to ensure water proofing. All in all, project was a bit delayed in start and time frame of completion, but knowing weather and reliability/accountability were not Joe’s failings, he sure raised the bar on how a Company is managed. The workmanship and care on how the roof was completed has blown me away! Its fantastic and sharp looking with the metal on the turrets along with valleys and shallow areas. I was very impressed with the quality of the work, the diligence of how issues were rectified, how personable and caring Joe was and how he feels towards his product and Clients. I most certainly recommend Smart Home to Friends, Family and anyone who wants a Metal Roof!!


I first heard of Smart Home from my brother who had his roof done. He was really impressed with the work that was completed on his roof. He was so impressed that he also recommended Smart Home to his daughter. So I called him. He was quite quick on the return call after leaving a message, very courteous and proficient. Although he was not the least expensive, his team and work ethic are well worth the higher cost (not by much mind you). I have already recommended Smart Home to others. And will give them a call when the time comes to do further renovations to my home. Thank you Joe

Jim & Silvia Gray

At the Home Show in January of 2017 my wife and I visited a number of home renovation vendors. We met Mike Warne at the Smart Homes location and arranged an appointment for an estimate on an insulation wrap and siding. We also contacted a number of other companies with the same request.

The estimate we received from Smart Homes was appreciably better than the other ones who submitted estimates. The Smart Homes estimate also included a number of extras that we did not ask for but were very much appreciated. The estimate included Hardy Board siding, new shingles, new larger front door and a new garage door. They also sided and roofed the garden shed to match.

My level of satisfaction was enhanced by the quality of the sub trades hired by Smart Homes. The gentleman who did the majority of the work was as meticulous as a Swiss watchmaker and very pleasant in his personal dealing with us.

My trust in the company is such that I declined the $3000.00 holdback that Joe Bader suggested. My confidence that any issue we might have with any of their work or materials will be responded to immediately governed this decision.

Curtis & Ann Campbell

We want to let you know how happy we are with the snow guards you supplied for our house and garage.
It sure made our winter easier not having to worry about snow slides. We were pleased with the installation gentleman too. Thank you.

Paul & Dorothy Neale

We met Joe Bader (Smart Home) at the Home Renovation Show. Within a few days he arrived at our home with samples of steel roofing and a reasonable quote. Even though we took a long time to decide what color we wanted on our home, Joe did not give up on us. We opted for charcoal grey. Joe’s work crew came on a Friday and had it all finished by Sunday night. The crew did a great job of keeping the yard clean as they worked on the roof and did a final clean up before they left on Sunday. We would recommend Smart Home for any exterior renovation needed. Thank-you Joe and the crew for the great work on our roof.

Neil & Diane Bell

Our initial contact with Joe Bader, Smart Homes, was at the Home Renovation Show. Within a week he arrived at our home with an aerial rendering of our roof, steel roof samples and a reasonable quote. We were impressed with his professional attitude.

The installation crew was meticulous with the roof instillation and daily clean-up of the site, working a minimum of 12 hour days to ensure the job was as little interruption to our day as possible. One crew even shovelled our deck as he waited for the rest to finish. Several neighbours were so impressed with the crew, commenting to the foreman “no talking they just work”, another neighbour bought coffee and donuts for them. Much attention was paid to precision and detail. Joe was present often throughout the process ensuring we were satisfied.

We are absolutely thrilled with the results of our Edco Generations roofing system and would not hesitate to recommend Smart Homes and Joe Bader to our family and friends.

Thank you Joe and crew for a job well done!

M & N

Boy, did we ever need a new roof. We needed one for a few years. We had phoned some roofing companies, got a few recommendations, but still, we did nothing. Not until our neighbor contacted us. He said he had a company representative at his house that very moment. Should he suggest to the rep that he stop by to see us right away? We jumped at the chance to meet Joe Bader. We listened to his presentation and were more than impressed. “When can you start?” we asked. “How about in ten days?” was the reply.

We couldn’t be happier. Joe was wonderful to do business with. He arrived equipped with samples of the company’s products as well as a printed copy of our roofline (good old Google maps) and promptly and professionally answered all our questions. Because we live near a ravine, we were especially concerned about fire. Joe reassured us that his Smart Home roof would not incinerate. In fact, we could expect a reduction in our house insurance!

We were interested in installing solar panels too, given our south-west exposure, and Joe introduced us to someone who is in that business. Signing on the dotted line took no time at all. And the work crew? They were the best workers we have EVER had in our house or yard. Not only did they rigorously clean up the work site after each twelve-hour work day, they were very tidy and polite. Would we recommend Smart Home? You bet.

Pat & Franklin Whitfield

We were referred to Smart Home Building Systems and Joe Bader by good friends who used their services and were extremely pleased with the finished results.

In our consultations with Joe with regards to our roof, we found Joe to be very knowledgeable about roofing products, including durability, longevity and warranties. Joe answered our myriad questions patiently and thoroughly. Once we made the decision to have Smart Home replace our roof Joe provided an accurate timeline for completion of the work.

We had chosen to proceed with a metal Edco roof, which allowed the work to be done during the winter. The Smart Home crew were extremely well organized and efficient in applying the roofing product. The crew cleaned up daily, especially important for us to avoid our dogs stepping on metal shards or screws. The crew were punctual, polite and really knew their job. What was most impressive was the smooth organization and delegation of labor, which allowed a large intricate job to be completed in the most efficient manner.

Upon completion of the job, Joe came to complete a final inspection with us to ensure we were satisfied. We are extremely satisfied! The roof looks great, the yards and driveway look pristine – the crew even raked the snow looking for any stray screws or metal bits.
If you are looking for a professional, quality finished product I would recommend Smart Home Building Systems and Joe Bader. We are making plans to have Smart Home replace all of our windows and siding next year.

Jim, Maki

Joey did amazing job on re-roof on my cabin at Glennifer. He is very professional and does a super duper job! I highly recommend to use his services!

Brent & Cori Paul

We presented Joe Bader and his Smart Home crew with a challenging project, an old, badly-insulated cedar shake roof that needed replacing five years ago. Joe visited us twice and outlined many options in a professional and constructive manner. He was selling quality and a clear and exciting vision for what our home could look like.

We opted for an aged copper standing seam metal roof and the work began. Needless to say, stripping a roof of ancient cedar shakes, building up the roof to put in proper insulating foam and laying down metal is a big job, made more challenging by a winter cold snap. Throughout the process the work crews did a great job of keeping the site as clean as possible and working through frigid temperatures.

At every step of the process we felt involved and the inevitable “surprises” were met with creativity and refreshing professionalism. Some adjustments in the quoted price were fully explained and negotiated in a manner that left both parties satisfied. Joe’s commitment to providing the best roof possible never wavered and he was attentive to our questions and concerns every step of the way.

We could have done the job for less than half of the hefty price tag, but the roof that now crowns our home is so much more attractive and functional and worth every copper penny (pardon the pun). In short, you get what you pay for. Joe Bader sells quality and he delivers on all counts. We couldn’t be happier with the finished product and the positive relationship that allowed it to happen. Smart Home is exactly that, the smart choice for any home renovation.

Christine & Elzear Berg

Thank you very much for your time and attention on the barn re-roof, you and your crew did a great job.
Also thank you to you and Mike for ALL the time and education this evening. It is great to be treated so professionally.
Our apologies for keeping you so late.

Suzanne, Plamondon

I would highly recommend Smart Home if your in need of a new roof, up grade or building a new home.
Professional, caring, outstanding work.

Make a smart choice & call Smart Homes. We love our new roof! It adds value & richness to our home & our landscape. Thank you Joe & your outstanding crew.

Nick & Cathy Kuzyk

My husband and I are very pleased that we chose Smart Home Building Systems to install a new roof using fibreglass asphalt shingles as well as installing hardie board siding on the garage. It was basically effortless on our part – Joe and Mike were both professional yet easy to talk to, which enabled them to meet our needs. Thanks for a great job done by the work crew, we were amazed at how quickly and neatly everything was completed. I highly recommend Smart Home Building Systems, knowing we would not hesitate to use the company again in the future.

Steve & Debbie Garland

Hi Joe,

The crew did a bang up job and were very professional. I considered walking over the roof to inspect closely but it’s kind of slippery. They cleaned up the work site nicely, representing your company quite well. Thought you would have wanted a bigger sign to promote your products? Maybe you need to hire a tall salesman to sell your wares‎ in the great north. One neighbour came over and voiced his approval and a few comments from people I know driving by on the highway also.

Thanks for the job well done, it’s nice to work with people who stick to their promises and do what they say they are going to do. When you are up in the area again let us know, you can swing by and tell us stories of your youth!

David, Branco

Living in Calgary, I was tasked with contracting a company to re-roof my mom’s home in Edmonton. My goal was to ensure the job was done with the utmost of quality, completed on a timely basis and more importantly was entirely stress-free for my mom. Well….Joe and Smart home not only met those goals but exceeded my expectations on how they went on about it! Simply put:
– the price was more than fair. Sure there are cheaper contractors out there, but if you want quality and profesionalism Joe is the man!

– Smart Home completed the job exactly when they said they would. No guessing if the contractor will show up or not.
– the clean up after the job was complete was immaculate.
– the house looks at least 5 years newer.
– my mom has received compliments from all her neighbours, and I’m sure Smart Home will get a bunch more jobs from that street.
Joe, thank you! Feel free to use me as a reference anytime!

Heather, Chamberlain

We have a 1917 home with a roof I was scared to deal with; 4 layers of shingles and a mystery underneath. I called Joe with Smart Home and following our meeting, he assured me not only could he fix it properly, we could fix it within budget. The next day, a crew came out to begin stripping shingles and within a week the entire project was complete! They did my house, garage, and shed. I noticed a small amount of damage to my siding and notified Joe. There was no arguing, he said, “I’ll have it fixed, ASAP.” And within a few days it was!

Nothing but professional, honest, and fair workmanship from this company. Five Stars!
Thanks again – every time it rains instead of fretting, I smile.

Brian, Finner

Joe and his crew installed 4 windows in my 40+ year old home and a great job was done by all. The windows perform great and the install went as planned. They worked around my schedule and the crew was professional and polite.

I will be having them back next year to do the remaining 3 windows and maybe a door or 2 if I can swing it. Thanks again Joe and pass along to the guys as well.

Robert, Eyford

I used to think “a roof was a roof” until I was shown some samples by Joe Bader. I knew I wanted a metal roof of some sort so I wouldn’t be making another temporary investment. I selected the Edco Generations Shake and when I saw the finished product installed I no longer thought that “a roof was a roof.”

It changes colour according to the light conditions and when the sun shines on it, it looks like a new copper penny. I also found that it matches any colour of house or trim. The quality of workmanship was professional and the roof looks awesome.

Nancy, Masse

Joe and his team installed faux stone on the skirting of my front deck as well as the front entrance of my home. I am very pleased with the end result. When I had concerns Joe addressed them immediately, the same day they were resolved in hours. Would not hesitate to use them again.

Cameron & Jennifer Watson

Smart Home did a great job replacing our roof. The crew was exceptionally hard working and more than happy to answer our questions whenever we asked. If issues arose they took care of them quickly and professionally. Most importantly the roof looks great and quality of work is top notch. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Smart Home to anyone looking for a new roof.

Barry & Janis Gogal

We are absolutely thrilled with our new roof! What started out as a huge disappointment with the life and quality of our existing 9 year old asphalt shingle roof has ended up being such a relief. Any warranty we thought we had did not exist. We chose a metal roof with a lifetime warranty. Joe Bader and his excellent crew did everything they promised. The crew could not have been more professional. They cleaned up our site every day before leaving and arrived at an appropriate time working hard till days end.

The detail and finishing of our roof has left us with a gorgeous new look. We are so glad we picked the copper color we did. We would highly recommend Smart Home for anyone looking for a worry free experience. Joe followed up regularly and showed pride and a genuine passion in his company and the product he supplies.

Mike, Binder

I wanted to drop you a note to compliment the job that was done at our property. The fellas were prompt and professional and the work quality was top notch.

I know who to call when my next upgrade presents itself. Thanks again.

Jim & Tracy Pshyk

We initially met Joe from Smart Homes at the Home Renovation Show in Edmonton. He was very knowledgeable and helpful during our initial interview with him. He had visual samples of the products which helped us understand what we were looking for and what would look good for our home.

When we decided to go through with our exterior Renovations, Joe came out to our place and spent a lot of time going over everything and thoroughly discussed options for what we were looking for. Within a week of a signed agreement he had a crew at our house. We have a small older home and even still the crew had the siding, insulation soffit and facia done in a week and then 1 day for another crew to come out and finish the eavestroughs.

Great work was completed by all and Joe continually followed up with phone calls and then a site visit once it was completed to ensure we were happy with the finished product.

We would recommend Smart Home for any exterior renovation needs anyone would have. Thank you to Joe and his crew for the great work.

Myron & Cheryl Kraushar

Just wanted to take a few minutes to write a note and thank you for the very positive
Experience my wife and I have had dealing with you on our re-roofing project.

As our basic asphalt shingles were failing for the second time on our 25 year old home,
we wanted to make sure this would be our last time to re-shingle.

I love to do extensive research before making any major purchase, and new shingles were no
exception. It became apparent that the choices for a longer lasting roof were architectural
shingles, some type of recycled rubber shingles, or metal roofing.
I went ahead and had three local companies provide estimates on various asphalt and rubber
shingles. We then spent many hours touring newer neighbourhoods to view
different shingle styles.

Not trusting the exaggerated guarantees of asphalt, and not sure about the unproven life
expectancy of rubber, I began to investigate metal shingles. Aluminum or steel? I was not sure
which was better, but focused my attention more on the manufacturer and installer
reputations. I was impressed with the corporate history of Edco Products and the documented
product quality. I know steel is stronger than aluminum and would stand up to hail much
better, but was concerned about possible rust issues. My concerns were put to rest however by
the solid guarantee and the Kynar paint coating on the Edco roofing.

As a supplier of pumps to oilfield and petrochemical customers, I am very aware
of the toughness and chemical resistant properties of Kynar in pump components.

The install was done in fine weather in early spring and the crew was very professional and
obviously experienced with metal roof installs. The finished roof looks amazing and will no
doubt outlive the current residents!

I very much appreciated Joe and his no nonsense approach. My wife and I never felt pressure
to sign a contract or that we were getting meaningless sales slogans and jargon.

Thanks again Joe, and come by this fall for more freshly dug, cut, and fried potato chips!

B & W Eshpeter

Our 21 year old garage looks pretty new now with the aged copper standing seam metal roof. Love the features. The front eaves. The roof rail. This job was wonderful. The guys who completed the job were polite, professional and very thorough. We will be using them again in the future for other work on our buildings. Can’t thank you enough for the job done.

Blaine & Maureen Clarke

We recently downsized and moved into a 46 year old bungalow. We spent several months working on the interior and had planned to tackle the exterior this spring but because of our mild winter we were able to start in January and about 7 weeks later we had a “new” house.

Because we were doing the works; windows, doors, insulation, siding, eaves, soffits, fascia, shingles ….. we didn’t feel comfortable finding and co-ordinating trades on our own so we went to the Edmonton Renovation show in October and got the names of a few companies that specialize in exteriors. Smart Home Building Systems was one. After getting quotes from several companies we narrowed it down to Smart Homes and one other. The quotes were similar and we liked the owner of Smart Homes, Joe Bader, and the rep from the other company. We were struggling with which company to choose so we called both companies, told them of our dilemma and asked them to help us with our decision. When we called Joe, he didn’t hesitate in saying he would come over and we would sit down and talk about it. We didn’t get the same offer from the other company.

After talking with Joe there was no question that this was the company we wanted to give our business to and we certainly have had no regrets! Joe was a pleasure to work with and gave us all the time we needed to feel comfortable with decisions along the way. He was always just a phone call away. His crews were great! All were efficient, reliable, did a great job, kept the job site clean and worked in a professional manner. We met some very hard working young men that put in some long hours.

This has been a very positive experience for us, largely because of Joe’s caring nature and attention to detail. We would have no hesitation in recommending Smart Home Building Systems and their wonderful crews.

Thank you, Joe, for making the process as painless as possible. It’s going to be quiet around here!

Ernest & Joy Bodnarek

Having to replace the roof on our retirement home at the lake and wanting something that would last and be appealing, we thoroughly researched all the different roofing systems and reputable companies in our area, becoming very knowledgeable in all the aspects of the industry, including quality of material used, workmanship, warranty and pricing, checking references from several companies getting quotes and discussing details.

We met Joe Bader at the home show who introduced us to the EDCO Generations HD product supplied by his company Smart Home Building Systems. He described in great detail the process of manufacturing, warranty and reputation in the industry providing the detailed scope of work along with the schedule which was a key component in determining who to hire. He committed to an acceptable start date and completion timeline. The pricing was within the budget we set aside for this work.

The work was completed in June 2015 with the level of professionalism and expertise that we expected, and yet were pleasantly surprised and happy with. The gentleman who spent the time on our property were kind, polite and extremely knowledgeable.

As seniors we are thorough and conservative when hiring contractors to do work for us and more specifically when it involves a major capital repair. It is critical that there is a mutual trust and respect in place for both parties.

We are happy with the service provided by Smart Home and specifically with Joe Bader who made the experience painless and worry free throughout. His sincerity, dedication and generosity exceeded our expectations, replacing a damaged eavestrough and supplying us with matching material for a shed.

We are pleased to provide a reference and recommendation to anyone looking for A roofing company who SAY what they do and DO what they SAY and with no hidden cost to the customer.

We can say without hesitation we are satisfied customers and would certainly hire Joe Bader and his team in the future.

Malcom, Munroe

I would like to thank Smart Home Building Systems for completing my project using Longboard, Standing Seam metal roofing, trim-work and eavestroughing.

The Longboard was originally not my initial vision for the project however when considering the cost, maintenance and environmental cost to forests when using wood I new that Longboard was a desirable product for the project.

I was able to meet the installation crew, great guys. By meeting the tradesmen prior to commencing the project made me realize that not only was I getting a superior product, but true professionals were doing the installation.

With respect to pricing, Smart Home Building Systems was not the least cost provider however by selecting alternative materials and colours to compromise on, the price was met. The price on the contract I signed matched the cheque I wrote upon completion of the project.

The eavestroughing is wonderful and very well installed. I was able to discuss with the installer my specific requirements and all was done by the time I got home from work.

Thank you Smart Home Building Systems for completing my project on time, on budget and beautifully installed. My project is a wonderful addition to my property and still a showpiece of the neighbourhood.

Elmer & Jean Werle

We were able to find Smart Home Building Systems because they were installing a metal roof right across the road from our home. After meeting with Joe Bader we came to realize that asphalt roofing may be the best value in our situation as we will be moving in a few years. Fortunately, the crew was able to start right away and Corey and Jeremy were real workers. They worked from sun up to sun down. Our property is located right on the waterfront and the wind was 60 KMH one day and they worked in the rain and they insisted on working right on through. They were forced to remove and replace the satellite dish in the exact same spot, and it worked without readjusting. The clean up was exceptional, they swept the deck and vacuumed out the eavestroughs and all.

We were very happy with the overall experience and would confidently recommend this company to anybody.

Wes, Newman

Hi, I had met Joe Bader with Smart Homes at the trade show in Fort Sask. I was interested in getting a new roof for my log home as mine was leaking because of ice damming. After many inquires they were the only ones that followed up shortly after the show. As it happened the modifications that I wanted to happen were within their abilities so I hired them to remove the old metal roof. The modifications were completed and the new roof installed with the modifications (modifications included a hidden fastener standing seam roof and also added a solar tube, ice and water shield and synthetic underlay). After a few a hours of challenges we were able to sort it out and able to get project completed in a reasonably good time.

We later had Smart Homes install a new asphalt roof on my daughters house in Fort Sask. Smart Homes were hired to remove the old membrane and install new plywood sheathing and roofing material and vented roof ridge caps. We were thankful for the attention to detail in cleaning up. This was greatly appreciated.

Thanks. Smart Homes, job well done.

Linda & Richard Connell

garage and shop. We chose a product by DaVinci Roofscapes that creates the look of slate but is meant to perform better in our winter climates. It took longer than was initially anticipated but during this time Joe struggled with one of the crews providing the quality he, and us, expected and a second crew was brought in to complete the job. Even so, the slope and size of the roof coupled with the complexity of installing these shingles (compared to asphalt shingles) made a quick installation impossible.

After all this, I am very happy with the roof. It looks fantastic and people invariably comment on it when visiting. Because of that, we asked Joe to cap with aluminum our existing wood window trims, replace the decorative shingles in the gables, and recreate our wooden shutters to totally finish our new look. He found exactly what I was looking for and we went forward. The shingle installation went according to plan and was installed well and in a timely fashion. The capping we had some difficulty with the contractor who subcontracted out to another couple of guys and this complicated the completion due to a previous back injury of one of the guys, but I kept Joe informed of the progress and he in turn kept in touch with the contractor he had hired initially. After a few days, the original contractor stepped up to complete the job and all was well. J

oe has been an excellent and dedicated champion of quality, ensuring his client’s needs are met and sincerely listening to every concern and question. He does make you feel that you are his only customer or his best customer and that goes a long way, especially during a tough and long renovation such as this. Now that it’s all over, I am very satisfied with the finished look and would even go so far as to say I’d do it again if I had another house (but I don’t, phew!)

Kent, Love

When my family purchased our home in July of 2014 we knew that we were purchasing our “forever home”, it would be the place that we raise our family. However, like most 25 year old homes it wasn’t without some major concerns. The biggest question mark was of course the roof; the existing roof was in disrepair and was in dire need of replacement.

In researching a roof replacement we came across the Edco “Generation” shake roofing product and engaged. The shake look met the strict architectural requirements in our communities Home Owners Association while also enhancing the look of our home.
Despite a challenging installation Joe Bader of Smart Home Building Systems stuck the course and completed the job. The final product looks great and we now have our “Forever roof “to match our “forever home”.

Gloria Gerber & Robert Stefaniuk

Smart Home Building Systems and Joe Bader were recommended to us by another happy customer. We were looking for a long term option to replace the asphalt shingles on our house and detached garage. After discussing various options with Joe, we went with the ArrowLine slate-look steel roof manufactured by EDCO.

Joe is personable and knowledgeable. He came to site on a frequent basis to assess the quality of work and progress, and was always available by phone if we had any questions. He makes you feel like you are his best customer and your project is his top priority. His quote was accurate and there were no extra costs.

The installers, Stewart and Cory, did an awesome job! They were very conscientious of their work, attending to every detail. They showed up on time and worked hard even on days when the temperature was over 30 degrees Celsius. The sheeting, Titanium wrap and roofing was installed in sequence in order that the house was watertight at the end of each day so you didn’t have to worry about rain storms overnight. They worked through the weekend and on the statutory holiday to keep the project on schedule. They finished every day making sure tools and supplies were put away and debris was picked up.

Friends, family and neighbours have all admired the final product. We would recommend Smart Home Building Systems to anyone looking for a new roof, and plan to use them for future projects.

Carrie & Phil Richmond

We are completely satisfied with our metal roof. We’ve had it a year and are as happy with it now as we were when we first got it.

After looking at the many options available for roofing we decided on this one because of the strength of the metal, the way it is installed and finally the looks. We have stood many times looking at the roof over the part year and know we are going to love looking at it for the next 50 years.

The entire family have enjoyed listening and watching the snow slide of the roof. We look forward to a winter when there is enough snow to slide in the middle of the winter.

We highly recommend this roof to anyone looking for a stylish long term roof.

Bill, Keeble

We’ve had our metal roof for a winter now and have been very pleased. It has attractive clean lines. There is great reassurance to have a lifetime product without maintenance.
There’s a lot of technology in the galvanized steel and the coatings. It all arrived pre-cut on a low loader. Very professional crew stripped the roof back to the plywood. The entire roof was sealed with snow / ice membrane before the metal roof was installed. Site was kept tidy throughout.

Joe Bader is a man of integrity and a pleasure to deal with. He communicates well. He is upfront about pricing and completion date. We had a very positive experience dealing with Joe and Smart Homes. No hesitation with our recommendations:- excellent company to work with, skilled team and great final result.

Bill, Hendricks

Just had our new metal roof installed. Really appreciated the fact that the owner/salesman Joe Bader was involved for the whole process and made sure everything was going smoothly. It is great to deal with someone with the integrity that Joe has. There were absolutely no hidden costs. What was promised was delivered with no questions asked–in fact they even put a new roof on a utility shed that was not in the contract–just to be nice. The roofing crew did excellent work and were a pleasure to have around. They were polite and informative and took pride in their work. At the end of the first day I got a taste of what was to come.

I was just in the yard when they were cleaning up and heard the directions from the construction boss. He said essentially: “Make sure everything is cleaned up and before we leave make sure the gates are closed”–even I don’t always remember to close the gates. We had a couple of windy days and they made sure everything was secure on the roof and in the yard. I’m sure the neighbours appreciated that they always kept everything tidy and that they were a diligent and pleasant work team. Great job. If you are looking for great workmanship and a great product you can’t go wrong with Joe and his crew and products.

Martin & Linda Vanderhoek

Dear Joe,

I felt it necessary to tell you that I am delighted with the renovations done on my home. Your suggestion of going with the brick look on the front and side of the house really paid off. Thanks for that.

I must say that your installers were great. They would explain and answered all my questions as they carried out each step on my house. They kept everything organized and clean during the removal and the installation of the new siding.

Thank you for a job well done.


Our home has almost 6000 square feet of roof so the replacement of the old cedar shakes was a daunting and expensive venture for us, so we wanted to do it right. We spent months of research on roofing products and interviewed many vendors and in the end, we went with, not the cheapest, but what we felt would be the best for us and that was with a seamless Metal roof from Smart Home. The installation was an adventure to say the least. With the shortage of skilled workers hitting at the time we were to get the installation, the project took much longer than was anticipated and by the time it was done, Max – the main labourer, felt like family.

We knew he cared about his work and made sure that the work he and others did was well done. Joe Bader was a pleasure to deal with throughout. There was no issue that arose that we were not able to resolve with him and feel good about it. Joe always made us feel that we were important to him and his reputation and his sense of humor was appreciated.

Our goal was to get a good roof properly installed, and we got that for sure. So far it has survived the winter and we love the way the snow sheds off the roof. The choice of metal (aged copper) goes perfectly with the acreage setting we live on and has updated our 40 year old house to an eye pleaser. We get compliments galore and know that it has increased the value of our house far beyond what we paid.
We, without hesitation, have and will continue to recommend Joe Bader and Smart Home.

Peter & Deni Swanson

In the summer of 2014 was approached by one of Joe’s sales reps about a metal roof for my house. Great timing on his part as I had just finished inspecting my ashphalt shingles and would need a new roof in the next year or two. I was always interested in a metal roof an when my wife liked the look of Joe’s product it was a done deal.

Joe’s crew were great when they showed up for work later in the fall. They did a great job , they know their craft well and they always looked after our house ,as we had some adverse weather during this
project and there was no issues.

All in all this was a good experience and have no problems with recommending Joe’s group to friends and neighbours. The house and garage look great. Thanks Joe

Bev & Martin Kirchenberger

Dear Joe,

I likely should have done this some months back, but I’ve been out of town most of the summer.

Bev and I really like the roof, as do many of our neighbours. It is aesthetically pleasing and very quiet during summer storms. Looking forward to winter to see how it reacts to snow-load.

I wanted to extend a thank you to you and your crew for working during the long weekend to get the roof up while we were home. The dogs would have been very unhappy with the noise if we hadn’t been home, and we appreciate the sacrifice your crew made to work the long weekend to meet our request. They worked late into the night as well to meet the deadline.

They were very professional, and left no problem (and there weren’t many) unsatisfied. I was very impressed with how they took the old roof off along the scaffolding to the street where they dropped it directly into the truck bed.

All in all we were very happy with the result as well as the experience and would highly recommend you and your team to any prospective customers.

Tracy & Kelly, M

Just wanted to make a quick comment on my great experience in dealing with Smart Home Building Systems!
We recently dealt with an insurance claim on a badly dented aluminum roof. What I thought was a good product and would last for many years, was ready for recycling in just under 8 years.
We started looking for a new product made with a more sturdy material that would last for as long as we are living in our home.

After discussing the problem with Joe we ended up going with the Edco Arrowline, Metal Slate roof. It looks great and we could not be happier! Secondary to the house roof, the company repaired and replaced our aging flat top garage roof. They used a stronger material and fixed drainage issues we had previously, the new product and roof look great and functions properly!

The installer’s did a awesome job! They were very conscientious of their work and always left the yard spotless at night. (With 2 young children and a dog running around, I did not want them stepping onto any nails or left over pieces of roof.) Additionally as we would continue to use the yard during the install process, they were always conscious of who was in the yard. They took extra time to ensure the safety of everyone on our property and the adjacent properties. The crew was happy to answer any of my questions about the installation process and any future maintenance considerations (gutters, chimney, etc.)

Since the install there has been many chats with neighbors and people driving by about the roof, both how good it looks and how surprised people are when they find out it is a steel product.
As someone who has used a number of contractors over the years, the experience we had with Smart Home Building Systems was by far one of the best yet!

Keith & Sharon Cameron

I was pleased to have chosen Smart Home Building Systems to install my new metal roof. Having previously had a cedar shake roof, followed by as asphalt shingle roof, I wanted something that would last better. The appearance of my cedar look metal roof fooled many of my neighbours who didn’t recognize it as a metal roof. It looks great! In addition, Jason and his work crew were very skilled in their installation. The work was carefully done and clean up was done daily. I would not hesitate to recommend Smart Home to supply and install a metal roof.

Keith & Sherril Johnston

Hello, My name Is Keith Johnston, I live in Edmonton, Alberta. I went to the home show in Edmonton and chose the product from “Generation Roofing Collection” from Smart Homes Building Systems for its long lasting transferable warranty, tough, attractive and practical design.
Smart Homes delivered the product that I was looking for. The crew that installed the product was professional and proficient.
My new “Classic Red HD” roof is the best looking roof in the neighborhood.

Bill & Judy Dickout

When my wife and I were confronted with the daunting task of re-roofing our unique bungalow we soon found we had a significant challenge on our hands. The roof is a major architectural feature of our home and therefore both the product and installation had to be perfect.

We contacted and consulted many different companies offering a range of solutions to us but we remained uncomfortable with the professionalism and service of the many providers. We then followed up with Smart Home Building Systems whom we had met at the Home Show in the spring. They offered a unique product which would further enhance the appearance of our home while providing protection of our investment well into the future with a warranty backed by a manufacturer who has been in business for over 50 years.

They also completed a detailed and fair estimate of the work required and provided assurance of initiating the work within our time table. With no money down the work was completed by a highly professional crew that proved to be reliable and considerate through the duration of the job.

Upon completion, our warranty was secured and the results have more than met our expectations, generating rave reviews from neighbors and passersby alike. We have no hesitation in recommending Smart Home Building Solutions to our friends and neighbors.

Maik Schmidtchen

We checked out a view roofing companies at a home show. Joe was the one who explained everything to our satisfaction and his knowledge of the process was amazing. We also got a new window and door. The crew went out of there way to get those in to fit our renovation timeline. The roof was done in time and looks fantastic. The crew did a really good job and left everything clean. No complaints at all. Thank you. Would recommend the company anytime.

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